Expert Analyses

Expert Analyses

Our consultants have advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences, and specialize in turning data into meaning. We know how to uncover the unique behavioral patterns particular to each project, and turn them into actionable results for you, the client.

  • Mirror of the Mind

Advertising is one of the most expensive elements in the marketing mix. Making an emotional appeal to the consumer is one way to make the most of that expense. However, because of individual and cultural differences in emotionality, seemingly great ideas can flop while unexpected approaches surprise even the most experienced marketers. It therefore makes sense to gain insight into consumer emotion. Faces are not only a reflection of our emotionality, but also represent truly unconscious, System 1 responses – a “mirror of the unconscious mind”. Therefore, studying the face can provide a quantitative measure of emotional state.

  • Interpret emotionality
  • Understand the unconscious mind
  • Gain deeper insights

Project scope

No matter what the project scope, we are ready to advise and assist. With a Mirror of the Mind project, Noldus consultants can quickly and objectively provide insights to better understand the emotional pull of advertisements, to best target specific subsections of the market.


Noldus Mirror of the Mind makes expert use of FaceReader™ software. Effective, efficient, and objective, the software provides quantitative and qualitative analysis, with proven validity to known in-market metrics such as purchase intent. The flexibility of the software provides many options to capture emotions, including:


  • On-line data gathering from respondents across the globe
  • In-person data collection in a laboratory setting
  • In-person data collection in stores

Furthermore, data from facial expression analysis can easily be combined with additional tools, such as surveys, eye trackers, and physiological devices to garner deeper insights into ad liking and/or purchase intent.


Noldus Mirror of the Mind provides market researchers insights into the effects of their advertisements. How do consumers respond to a print ad? What portions of a commercial elicit the biggest emotional response? With Mirror of the Mind, we can identify, analyze, and provide learnings into the emotional draw of print, broadcast or online advertisements.




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