Patrick H. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Patrick is a behavioral biologist with extensive experience in the study of animal behavior and welfare, animal learning, and animal psychology. Working as a trainer for Noldus since 2005 has taught him a lot about human psychology, as well.

"I like a good story. I have learned that there is always a story behind behavior, both in animals and humans. If we, as humans, as researchers, as people interested in behavior, think that something is not a good story, then we make one up. Our brain has evolved to produce good stories to make sense of our surroundings. This is excellently described in Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking, fast and slow”. He describes System 1 as the intuitive part of our brain that is always active and fast to produce a good story based on what we see and hear around us. System 2 is the rational part, the slower one that takes more effort to put into action.

As a consultant, Patrick is tasked with working with you to produce a good, but rational, story. He can help you develop that story, from the first chapter of designing a test, to the final chapter of understanding the data. With the inspiring people he has met through hundreds of training courses and numerous consultancy projects, Patrick has brought many stories to light. He would love to create many more stories, but the first decision lies with you: What is the story you want to tell?

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