Micha Oudakker

Micha Oudakker studied biology at Wageningen University and Research Center, joining Noldus shortly after earning his degree. As a result of his interest in other countries and cultures, he was asked to work on the sales distributor network of Noldus, working to develop this network along with his team. In 2005, he began working with local Noldus representatives in Europe. 


“We now have a team of representatives in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. It is not only a team of people with great personalities, but it is also a team that works diligently to ensure a deep understanding of behavioral research, Noldus’ tools, and the process of training people in using these tools.”

While Micha’s title is still Regional Sales Manager, he also enjoys tackling the challenge of managing the European consulting and training team.

“Our equipment gives companies a better understanding of the consumer experience. Companies can rent our equipment or use the facilities in Wageningen, where we have a test lab with various setups for testing products or packaging. From providing clients with a test panel for their use, to helping them analyze and interpret their video images, we are here to ensure that their research yields understandable, clean results.”

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