Leanne Loijens, Ph.D.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to people-watch for a living? With a background in behavioral neuroscience, Leanne gets to spend time doing just this. After she obtained her Ph.D., she worked as a researcher at the University Medical Center in Utrecht. In 2003, Leanne started at Noldus as a documentation specialist and trainer, moving her way up to  a Behavioral Research Consultant. Leanne has more than just an understanding of people, possessing extensive experience in giving trainings in both the fields of human and animal behavioral research.

"As a consultant, I assist commercial customers with their research. This includes providing technical assistance, training their staff, developing coding schemes, coding videos, analyzing data, and presenting the results. Topics have spanned from the delicious:  coffee making and chocolate milk consumption to the essential:  hand washing behavior with an emphasis on the effects of different soaps and even refrigerator use in people’s homes."

Leanne was the project leader of the three-year Inside Consumer Experience project, a large scale project with heavy Noldus involvement, ending in 2010.. The goal was to develop tools and services for studying consumer interaction with food in real-life contexts. In 2012-2013, Leanne was involved in the FOCOM project (Food and Cognition Model systems), a project aimed at understanding how food and the brain influence one another. A project currently under development is the virtual supermarket, in which Leanne has played a hands-on role through stakeholder analyses and developing descriptions of potential user interactions with the supermarket.

“Studying behavior is fascinating, whether it is the behavior of people or animals. That is why I like travelling on a train or bus: you can simply sit and observe! I find that when studying behavior (either privately or for my work), I like to get to the bottom of it. I wonder, ‘What drives people/animals to behave like they do and what factors influence this behavior?’ Over the years, I have helped many customers to translate this kind of research question into practical tests. Every customer has his/her own specialization, and it is my task to understand what the customer is looking for and what is the best way to achieve his/her goal. And yes, that does mean that every project starts with the customer as the subject under investigation. So, my question for you is:  Are you up to it?”

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