Meet our consultants

Meet our Consultants

Noldus Consulting creates solutions that help market researchers uncover respondents’ unique behavioral patterns, as naturally as possible. Meet our consultants below!

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Generating insights are a bit like creating drum grooves: When they emerge and are on point, you feel them as they move through you.
Jason Rogers, Ph. D.
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I have learned that there is always a story behind behavior, both in animals and humans. I enjoy helping clients produce good, but rational, stories related to what is observed.
Patrick Zimmerman, Ph. D.
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Every customer has his/her own specialization, and it is my task to understand what the customer is looking for. And yes, that does mean that every project starts with the customer as the subject under investigation. So, my question for you is: Are you up to it?
Leanne Loijens, Ph. D.
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We are a team that ensures a deep understanding of research in order to provide clients with the best experience. We are here to ensure that clients’ research yields understandable, clean results.
Micha Oudakker


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