The Shopper Brain Conference will certainly go down in my books as a memorable conference! For starters, it was the event where we debuted with our Virtual Shop in all its’ glory. Virtual Shop is a set-up that can be used to test how purchase intent is affected by aspects such as packaging design and elements, product position on a shelf, or product labelling. This new research tool has been developed by Noldus and Green Dino, combining the strength of each partner.

With the event focusing on what goes on in the minds of shoppers, this cunning piece of technology, that integrates behavioral analysis software in a virtual shop environment, really fit the scene.

Getting the simulator onsite turned out to be a bit of a challenge, seeing that a last minute check of the event details informed us the event was going to be on the second floor! HORROR for Virtual Shop logistics. Although we verified elevator measurements, we never dreamt of the corridor leading up to the elevator being so small and full of obstacles!  It turned out we had to slalom through the hotel kitchen, avoiding sprinklers or other low hanging obstacles to get it there.

To cut a long story short, we got the system setup,  and it was well worth the effort! Based on the great interest for the Virtual Reality theme at EuroSense, I was hoping Virtual Shop would get some attention, and it did. It certainly ticked the research wish box when it comes to being able to vary  shop designs and layouts without having to change the setup in a real store. Additionally, a virtual system would assist marketeers and researchers who are dealing with cross country research, which can be logistically and financial difficult.

Finally, the core of the system - automating shopper behavior - was a huge bonus for those who came by!! Picking up a product, turning it around, assessing gaze behavior, what goes into the basket….all automatically feed into our behavioral analysis system.  Yes, Virtual Shop certainly got their attention, so Shopper Brain - we will be back!