Noldus Consulting delivers evaluative research
    that gives insight into human-product experiences.


    Receive a detailed report on the nature of the interaction
    with your products, services or systems.


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Naturalistic Behavior

A respondent’s awareness affects behavior and distorts research results. Our technique allows respondents to act naturally, such as in the home or in an office, in order to gain insights in very real contexts.


Unobtrusive Observation

Utilizing our advanced observational toolkit, our technique systematically analyzes the activities from the natural context to create deep and meaningful insights into respondents’ behavior.


Expert Analyses

We understand how to turn data into meaning. Our consultants have advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences, which provides a unique ability to uncover behavioral patterns and turn them into actionable results.

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Noldus creates solutions that help market researchers uncover respondents’ unique behavioral patterns, as naturally as possible. We combine the expertise of our team with the power of unobtrusive observation to provide our clients with meaningful, actionable insights.

Our team provides solutions customized to each specific project; these solutions can include direct observation, data integration, ethnographic research, emotionality, data analysis and insights, and much more. Together with our clients we cut through the complexity of designing and implementing research protocols. How? Noldus operates since 1989 on behavioral research projects and our team are stars in implicit behavior analysis.

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Noldus consulting services for evaluative research

“Without good data, you’re just guessing.” Start measuring and begin to unleash the power of real insights on your product development today!


The Noldus method

Consumers are also often unaware of why they purchase a product, or unable to recall how they use a product. When self-report fails, observing consumer behavior can fill in those missed areas. Noldus Consulting assesses respondents’ actual behavior to provide insights into product usage, consumer behavior, liking, and more, that go beyond what can be obtained via self-report alone.


Observe behavior under real-life context

A respondent’s awareness affects behavior and potentially distorts results. Our unique technique allows respondents to act naturally in any environment (home, office, store, and more), in order to observe behaviors under real-life context. Our methods focus on the respondent, and identifying natural behaviors with minimal intrusion from the researcher.

The Noldus consulting technique:

  • Capture real consumer behaviors with minimal influence
  • Observe and analyze relevant behavior real-life contexts
  • Identify patterns, and similarities or differences
  • Combine qualitative data with quantitative results
  • Produce novel insights into very real contexts

Noldus Consulting creates solutions that help market researchers uncover respondents’ unique behavioral patterns, as naturally as possible. Contact us now for more information!



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