Abbe Macbeth, Ph. D.

Abbe is a behavioral neuroscientist who has always been fascinated with why any animal does what it does. From neural and hormonal bases of behavior, to the external societal pressures that influence behaviors, it is those (often unconscious) reasons that Abbe finds the most interesting. After many years as a rodent behaviorist, Abbe made the transition into scientific sales in 2010 as an account manager with Noldus. Since then, she has set multiple global sales records for Noldus, carried out dozens of training sessions, and assisted hundreds of researchers with finding the ideal solutions for their specific needs. In 2013, she was promoted to Regional Sales Manager, where she is responsible for managing a sales team of 6, as well as overseeing consulting for North America.

“What I really love about research is finding the correct solution; figuring out what is needed, and how all aspects of the project (personnel, tools, etc.) need to be put together to result in just the right answer. Being a part of the A-HA! moment, when the data all comes together, and then helping to generate those insights that can be gleaned from the data, specific to the client’s question – that’s the beautiful part of consulting.”

Abbe’s strength is in her attention to detail, creative thinking, and commitment to clients. “I don’t see myself as being outside of research, just coming at it from a different angle. It’s imperative that I stay knowledgeable of the latest research in fields as varied as optogenetics to consumer studies, to know what researchers in these areas will want, and how I can help.”

When you work with Abbe, you get a project leader who is there throughout the entire process, making sure all of the pieces fit together. Her creativity and attention to detail have been appreciated by clients in the food industry, CPG industry, and the US government, in addition to hundreds of academic researchers throughout the United States.

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