Eating ice cream

Eating ice cream

A purveyor of desserts was interested in developing a “better” ice cream. Unlike traditional focus group research, Noldus consultants asked respondents to eat the new ice cream at home and record a video diary during the taste test. Noldus consultants gathered, coded, and analyzed the videos based upon a coding scheme pre-determined with the client, for the behaviors of most interest to the client.

Such recordings and data provided insights into product-consumer interaction that cannot be gathered using survey alone, or even in an artificial lab environment. These insights were used to drive package design and a communication strategy for the new ice cream.

The analysis of behavior of consumers while they are testing a product delivers new information to ice cream makers. Several behavioral indicators can help develop “better” ice cream.

  • Eat and test the new ice cream at home
  • Record a video diary during the taste test
  • Collect insights that drive package design

Communication strategy for the new ice cream will be driven by the insights collected with the IHUT. Recordings and data collected by Noldus consultants provided additional information the client was looking for.


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